Leave Completed

After 12 months of non-stop travelling, we started to make our journey back to Perth (completing a full circle of the globe). We had our return flights booked from Berlin before leaving Perth in January. Our flight would depart Berlin and stop in Singapore before landing in Perth in 2020. This meant we still had two more cities for quick adventures. We only had an evening in Berlin (due to an afternoon arrival followed by an early morning departure), but nevertheless, we were able to get amongst many of the main attractions on foot from our downtown hotel. We stopped by the Berlin wall and old checkpoints, the Christmas markets, churches and government house…

The next morning we boarded our Scoot ‘Dreamliner’ plane, ready for 11 hours in the air, flying through the night (not getting any sleep) and arriving in Singapore at 5am.

We would only have a couple of days in Singapore – but we have visited twice before. When planning out our itinerary, we omitted most of Asia because it’s an easier place for us to travel to during a usual work year from Perth. In fact, almost every year since we’ve moved to Perth, we’ve been lucky enough to take a trip somewhere in Asia.

PhotoGrid_1577562005599It was pretty rough landing into the hot humidity after weeks in wintery Europe, especially after a long flight too! But we dropped our bags off at our hotel and were forced to go out and explore until we could check into our room. The silver lining was the emptied streets in the early hours of the morning. The walkway along the harbour and marina bay sands was almost deserted (especially compared to our other visits). We strolled along slowly, taking in the calm of the morning, and eventually retired at a coffee shop inside the airconditioned mall.

Feeling exhausted, we decided to head back to our hotel (even though it was still a few hours until check-in). We asked if we could wait by the rooftop pool … giving us the much-needed opportunity to cool off and have a little nap in the loungers too!


The next day, after a massive sleep in, we went out for another walk around Singapore. We started off with a stroll along Clark Quay.

Eventually we found ourselves at Gardens by the Bay. The Cloud Forest and Flower Dome were super busy and since we’d already been, we decided not to pay again for these experiences (although, totally a must-do if it’s your first time in Singapore). Instead, we wandered around the park, even exploring the furtherest corners that we hadn’t seen before. The frangipanis were stunning as always…

To top the day off, we had to stop by the markets at Makansuntra Gluttons Bay. This is a place recommended to us by a friend (thanks Steve) before our first trip to Singapore, and it’s definitely worth repeat visits! We enjoyed satay skewers and refreshing lime juice.

After an afternoon/evening relaxing in the pool and room (followed by our last packing of our bags), we ventured into Singapore for the fireworks show. The city was absolutely packed with people and it took us about an hour to find a spot on one of the bridges overlooking the harbour. It was a pretty specky place to see the New Year in…

On January 1st (after merely hours of sleep) we boarded our last flight for the year … returning back to Perth – EXACTLY one year later…

world map 2019 fade
Countries we visited 2019
World travel map
Our trip 2019!

During our year we travelled to 6 continents, 34 countries (not counting transit airports like the above mapped trip), 55 flights totalling 171 hours 25 minutes flying, travelling over 140 000 kms and sleeping in 130 different beds!

Here are some more fun graphs and stats from our trip:

Flights and Airlines
Different Airlines flown in 2019
graph - continents globe
Continents and Countries visited in 2019
graph - driven wit car
Countries driven in 2019

Note: Gemma did all the left side driving and Kadin did all the right side driving – this meant we didn’t change sides of the car. (Except in Australia and New Zealand, where we took turns).

graph - language
Percentage of time spent in each language
Graph - Beds
Where we slept for our 130 different beds

Our first post was on the 1st January 2019 when we were starting off on this massive adventure and it is now the 1st January 2020 and we are posting our final instalment.

We arrived back at about 2pm, making it 365 days (and about 5 hours) since we were last at home. Happy new year everybody, 2019 will likely be hard for us to top, but hopefully it will still be a decent one.

This will be the last blog post, our leave is now completed and it’s time to get back to work – Kadin starts back tomorrow, about 18 hours after we land…

Thanks for reading.

See you at work!






  1. Welcome home Gemma. I felt sad reading your last post this morning, and can only imagine how you both felt

    Thank you for sharing your adventures over the year. Wow, it has been wonderful. I look forward to catching up with you at school.

    Take care Lorraine xx ________________________________

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Lorraine.
      Yes it is an unusual feeling… but so nice to wake up in our own bed this morning. Although looking at a full day of unpacking the house today! Will catch you in a couple of weeks. Enjoy the rest of your break. xo


  2. Wow!!! What a year you’ve had. Well done on staying safe and healthy. So happy for you that you’ve arrived home safe and sound. Good luck with your new year at work. x

    Liked by 1 person

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